3-pages OR 1-page layout with the content for 3 pages
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5-pages layout OR 1-page layout with the content of 5 pages
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8-pages OR one-page layout with the content for 8 pages
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Basic website package includes (click here to view web design projects):

  • Design planning

  • Design research

  • Data collecting

  • Data preparation (size, resolution, capability)

  • Customized Template

  • 3-5 Pages with Photos (with approximately 3 additional links on each page)

  • 3-5-8 Static menu buttons with Submenu buttons (drop down option) depending on package

  • WordPress platform based development

  • Server-Side development

  • Design revision

  • Testing on server & Debugging


  • Plugins

  • Email Link

  • Links for PDF files

  • Event Calendar

  • RSS Feed

  • Copywriting

  • Falicon (short for favorite icon) typically displays in the browser’s address bar

    Clients supply the header image, logo, text and a description of the necessary functions.

Any other website related features such as custom made graphic elements will be charged additionally:

  • Customized header design (examples available on request)

  • Logo development or recreation of existing logo

  • Interactive interface with graphic elements (e.g. buttons, header)

  • Initial Drafts, Sketches, Maps or New Web Concept (if are any happened to after final design revision)

  • Add Custom Watermarks (images or text) to protect your copyrights to your images online

    Purchasing a domain name and hosting expenses.

    It totally depends on client choice. I can recommend a company which are providing domain and clients can register their new site by themselves /or I can set up the domain for you.

 Web Site Development

1. Plan the site with the client

Establish the deliverables to meet client’s expectations and goals.

Include all elements (e.g., logo, text and images)

Determine elements availability and file format including vintage for compatibility with current software

Discuss webpages layout and its contents

Collect all elements need to be submitted and saved on my computer local root folder before we will discuss webpages layout and its contents).

2. Set up the basic structure (Low or High fidelity wireframes project? An approval before the site construction actually begins)

3. Create basic interface template by using Word press or Dreamweaver software

4. Create the pages and links to other pages and subpages

5. Insert text, images, buttons, video, and animations (a page with to many graphic elements might take a long time to load and it will take more memory)

6. Show preliminary website to client for formal discussion and approval.

7. Test the Pages (using most common browsers:  Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari)

8. Modify the pages (modifying and testing pages is ongoing process….). Usually I let my clients choose layout or themes they would prefer (all depends on the purpose of website and its content)

9. Final approval of client

10. Publish the site (transferring all the files to the site to a web server –using Internet Server providers (ISPs).

During the process of website development my clients have an unique opportunity to check my progress and give feedback by having an password protected access to their website hosted/stored on my server us a  sub-domane before they have their own independent hosting site.

Web Hosting Ideas

Although publishing happens at the end of the process, it is good idea to set up web server access in the planning phase.

The HOSTING IS FREE if you choose one of our packages. We will create you website, incorporate all visual elements and provide full technical support including basic updates of the theme, plugins all year around for $470 per year.

If you choose to host your website with someone else you need to read following.  The hosting expense depends on the package the client chooses from Hosting provider (term, features). Generally, longer term contracts are less expensive. For example, a two year basic, non-commercial hosting subscription with good features such as unlimited bandwidth, 100%, 24-7 technical support, and other features on shared website host can be just as low as $4 per month versus $10 for the same features paying month by month.

Also, there are some website development options available. Based on your choice, I can create the website by using Dreamweaver or Word Press software, or build website in Dreamweaver and upload in Word Press and vice versa. I can explain advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Unique Changes, Regular Updates and Maintenance of Your Web Site

I am available to help you add any unique features to your website.  This might include movies, animations, or new graphics.  Generally, I offer these as a fixed cost agreed to between my client and me.

At your request, I am also available to complete regular updates and maintenance of your site.  I will do this on a per hour basis on your pre-approved updates.  Depending on the type and regularity of updates you might need, your organization may have staff or members that are interested in making regular updates and maintenance. If so, I can provide training and access to your website once it is finished so that you can do this yourself.

If this is important to you, this will determine which software we use (WordPress vs. Dreamweaver).  However, there are advantages and disadvantages for each software.